General Daily Schedule of Events

6a-8:30a — arrival, hygiene, and morning activities

7:45a-9a — breakfast

9a-10:15a — curriculum time includes any of the following: reading, crafts, water play, blocks, art, conversation, outdoor play/exercise, and gross motor activities

10:30a-10:45a — hygiene and snack prep

10:45a-11a — snack

11:15a-11:45a — storytime and free play

11:45a-12:15p — hygiene and lunch prep

12:15p-1:15p — lunch (varies based on the children)

1:30p-3p — nap/rest time

3:20p-3:40p — snack

3:30p- no specified time —  afternoon activities and homework help

4p-5:30p — free play and pick-up

5:30p-6:30 — free play, homework help

5:30 p — evening care begins

6:45p — dinner

8p-12am — hygiene, bedtime, quiet activities

Anytime during the night —  snack

** when necessary, school-aged children will participate in their zoom school meetings, specials, and lessons during the day, with age-appropriate activities to fill in the time in between classes.

The schedule above will be modified based on the age group and teaching team.

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