Note from the Director

Hi. I am Heather. Owner and Director of Yak’s Youth Center. I am pleased that you are considering working at the childcare. I have owned a Group Family Daycare for 12 years.  Prior to that I worked as a mediator at Family Court, a family partner with Early Head Start, a toddler teacher, a trainer (childcare topics), and the coordinator of an infant/toddler program. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am silly, I love to sing and dance and use nonsense words. I never forget my past experiences, and I use them to make situations better for me and those around me. I don’t want to be a dictator. I want to be a partner with the people that I work with.  

I am expanding my home childcare to a childcare center. My goal is to find individuals who love to learn and share their knowledge with the children that are trusted to our care. I want the childcare to be a home away from home. We should enjoy being with children, watching them grow, succeed and develop into independent little humans. It is important that we show the children respect (not just expect it), apologize when we are wrong, hug them, really listen to them and play with them. We should lead by example in every way. The children need our attention and love. Our interest does not take precedence over their interests.  We are there for the children.    

As a supervisor, I am approachable. I will respect you and our differences. I will consider your learning style and your teaching style. I will make time to listen when you need me to, and I won’t gossip. I know that we all have lives outside of work and I will value your time and your privacy. The childcare center is in its infancy, so we will grow together. I am here to support you, learn from you, work with you, listen to you, help you work through your grievances and celebrate your successes. Salaries will not start high but stick with me and we will prosper. This center has been a goal for many years, and I need the right individuals to see this to fruition (I love this word 😊). I look forward to meeting you.

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Reasons to work at Yak's Youth Center

  • Children are amazing
  • Having fun is key
  • You will be respected
  • The director is approachable and listens
  • New experiences
  • New environment
  • All the staff will be new
  • Your director is awesome 😊
  • Flexible schedules
  • Teaching through play
  • Minimal daily paperwork
  • Meals are included
  • Room for career advancement
  • Attendance and daily activities recorded on tablets
  • A friendly environment
  • Regular performance evaluations with opportunity for pay increases
  • Trainings and professional development will be paid for
  • Praise and encouragement are important
  • We will grow together
  • The director has been a toddler teacher, is a parent, is a supervisor, was a mediator and has not forgotten how hard those jobs are.